INFO: For my Australian Print Workshop Dowd Foundation Scholarship, the work focused on the geology and resource that are aquifers and in particular the Great Artesian Basin in Australia, as one example, that is under threat from coal seam gas mining or fracking. The imagery looks at the surface of watersheds, layers of rock, cave systems and aquifers that are all formed and bound by the action of water.

etching of a cave
Cave, 2015, etching.
etching of a cave
Aquifer, 2015, 2 plate etching and aquatint. Printer: Simon White
etching of stone formation
FRACtured (triptych), 2015, etching and aquatint.
print of a rock face
History, 2015, etching with aquatint.
etching of a forest with boulders
Surface, 2015, etching and aquatint.

Artwork Copyright Kasia Fabijanska, Photography: Tim Gresham