INFO: Bajka, (pronounced bye-ka), means fable or fairytale in Polish. The work looks back into the ways I connected with nature during my childhood in Poland and Australia. The images mould together memories, experiences and knowledge gained about plants and animals in both countries. Tied to an interest in environmentalism, this is also an inquiry into the mechanisms that elevate nature to a more important level on an individual and intimate basis.

print of a dark forest
Night Walk I, etching and aquatint, 19 x 59cm, 2017.
etching of two trees in blue
Two Trees, etching, aquatint and pigment, 59 x 44cm, 2016.
prints of forest and mushrooms
Left: Coupe 507-0020, etching, aquatint and hand colouring, 22 x 15cm, 2017.   Right: Glow, etching and aquatint, 22 x 15cm, 2017.
print of a fig tree
Rycerz w Drzewie, (Knight's Tree), etching with aquatint, 38 x 59cm, 2017.
etching of a beech tree and a moth
Left: Night Walk II, etching and aquatint, 38 x 24cm, 2017.   Right: Watching, etching and aquatint, 44 x 22cm, 2016.
print w wood miner pattern
Nature Repeats, etching, 59 x 26cm, 2017.

Artwork Copyright: Kasia Fabijanska
Photography: Tim Gresham