INFO: This body of work is a rumination or deliberation over the status quo of ecology, how it may reflect the human psyche and what may need to shift in the collective culture for a move towards a more balanced coexistence with nature. The exhibition title is a nod to ecocriticism, a relatively new field pertaining largely to literature. Many aspects of ecocritical theory are relevant to the visual arts.

etching of the spire
The Spire, 2014, etching and aquatint.
etching of the spire
Birrarung Rock, 2014, etching.
etching of a forest and log mover
Log Mover, 2015, etching and aquatint.
etching of a forest on a floating cliff
Remnant, 2 plate colour etching with aquatint.
etching of a strangler fig
Strangler Fig, 2015, etching and aquatint.
print and textile art
Icon II, 2015, Printed silk, linen, ink.
textile, mixed media art
Icon II, 2015, linen, printed silk, mixed media.
etching of a forest and log mover
Icon III, 2015, linen, printed silk, found wire, mixed media.

Artwork Copyright Kasia Fabijanska, Photography: Tim Gresham